A Relaxing and Informative Icoone Spa Day Event

The icoone spa day was a delightful event held to introduce participants to the revolutionary icoone technology, offering them a chance to experience a full treatment in a serene and luxurious setting. Hosted at Medi Spa 28, the day was meticulously designed to not only promote the icoone machine but also ensure guests had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with access to full spa facilities including a sauna, pool, and steam room.

Arrival and Introduction

Guests began arriving at 10 am, greeted with a warm welcome of tea and coffee. As everyone settled in, they were escorted upstairs to the boardroom where the day’s agenda began. Rachael Turner-Percy, the director of Cosmopro, kicked off the event by introducing herself and providing an overview of the day. This was followed by an engaging presentation led by Zara Tyers, the Country Manager for Cosmopro, and Kelly Singleton, the Icoone UK Trainer. They delved into the specifics of the icoone technology, discussing its applications in both medical and beauty industries. The presentation was informative and sparked lively discussions and questions from the attendees.

Spa Experience and Icoone Treatments

Following the presentations, guests headed back downstairs to change into their robes and enjoy a refreshing glass of bucks fizz. They were then free to explore and relax in the spa facilities. During this leisure time, individual icoone treatments commenced. Each guest was allocated a time slot to speak with the trainer about their primary concerns and receive a tailored treatment, embarking on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. After their icoone session, guests were also treated to a complimentary massage with a therapist at Medi Spa 28, enhancing their relaxation experience.

Afternoon Delights

The afternoon continued with a delectable lunch grazing board and a signature icoone espresso martini, creating a perfect atmosphere for socializing and sharing experiences. The event concluded with guests leaving not only relaxed and informed but also with goodie bags filled with delightful surprises.

Overall, the icoone spa day was a resounding success, leaving guests impressed with the technology and pampered by the luxurious spa services. It was a perfect blend of education and relaxation, showcasing the potential of icoone in an enjoyable and memorable way.

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