Icoone For Pregnancy

Our Country Manager Zara Tyers, gives her personal experience in the industry and how revolutionary being able to treat pregnant patients is for icoone.

“In the time iv’e worked in the industry so the past 20 years , treating pregnant patients with any type of topical skincare or medical device was always a contra indication

Having 3 pregnancies myself , I remember all I wanted was a relaxing treatment, and also something to help relieve the swollen ankles !

The Icoone platform is the only platform on the market to treat pregnant patients after the first trimester, a relaxing experience with the added benefit of helping to improve microcirculation, reduce swelling and get rid of unwanted water retention.

The Icoone is perfect post pregnancy being able to treat the day after natural labour and 72 hours after C section.

Who wouldn’t want to help tighten the abdomen and improve the c section scar tissue as soon as possible.

A consultation with the clinic is always required prior to the treatment.”

Read Clinical Study on icoone for Cesarean Section Recovery 

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