Carboxy Gel Facial


  • Innovative skin care treatment that utilizes the BOHR effect
  • Combining the GEL and MASK creates a bubbling effect and produces CO2 that gets delivered to skin through the gel layer
  • The increase of CO2 molecules stimulates red blood cells to increase oxygen supply to the patient’s skin and increases cell metabolism (turnover rate)
  • This promotes waste removal and increased nutrients supply to the skin thus revealing a brighter and more even complexion

Vasodilatation Action:
Vasodilatation contributes to the activation of skin cell metabolism as well as improvements to skin blood vessels, thus leading to healthier skin.

Anti-inflammatory Action:
Oxygen discharged from haemoglobin stimulates anti-inflammatory action and waste excretion action, leading to improvement in the symptoms by inflammation relief causing skin coarsening and other skin troubles.

Blood Fluidity Action:
Co2 absorbed into skin enhances blood fluidity, facilitating oxygen supply.

Clinical Test Results
In a clinical study of 12 subjects who used Co2 Mask, tests on skin brightness, facial lifting and pore improvement were performed:

  • Analysis of changes in instrumental analysis using a Chromameter showed a skin brightness improvement of 1.06%.<l/i>
  • Analysis of changes in facial lifting measurements using Moire showed a lifting improvement of 3.73%.<l/i>
  • Analysis of the pore device showed that the pore improvement rate was 9.46%.<l/i>

How To Use

  1. Clean the patient’s skin with COSMED Deep Cleansing Gel.
  2. Decant the CO2 gel and apply to the patients face evenly and use all at once. Avoid areas around eyes.
  3. Attach mask sheet on face already applied with the gel, and press it down lightly so that it can be evenly attached.
  4. Remove the mask sheet after 20 minutes. Do not use more than 30 minutes as it may cause irritation.
  5. Wipe off the residue with tissue paper and wash the face several times with lukewarm water then pat dry.
  6. Apply COSMED Post Procedure.

Video and protocol available via Members Hub.

Discontinue use before continuing when following problems occur as the symptoms may worsen:
Reactions such as red spots, swelling, itching, irritation and etc. while using this product

Overexposure to direct sunlight
Do not apply on areas that are affected with eczema or dermatitis.

Avoid using around the eye. Immediately rinse out if contact is made.

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