icoone® Laser Med


The only device in the world to perform Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS), with visible results after the first session. The innovative Roboderm® patent treats skin flaws and blemishes by stimulating the connective tissue effectively and in depth.

Health starts with healthy skin. Entirely natural and painless, icoone® Laser Med is the ideal technology for applications in surgery-free aesthetic medicine. Its aesthetic and rehabilitation results are evident, even on delicate and problematic skin.


icoone® redefines the silhouette, in just a few sessions and with incomparable results

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Scientific Studies

The icoone project owes its inspiration to the extraordinary intuition of reconstructive surgery specialist Doctor Jean-Claude Guimberteau with regard to the structure of connective tissue. Guimberteau has demonstrated that the skin should be conceived as a living, breathing organ and that the subcutaneous tissue consists of a network of microvacuoles, arranged in a chaotic, fragmented manner, which constitute the main component – the functional unit – of the overall tissue structure. This new vision completely replaces the traditional concept of the skin being formed by a layer of tissues, and consequently brings about the need for a new way to treat the skin.

i-Tech Industries has embraced and developed this new scientific vision, designing a technology that treats these countless microvacuoles in a targeted and effective manner, thus ensuring faster, more effective results.


Icoone Results

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icoone® Clients

icoone has always been synonymous with results, because it offers visible improvements in terms of beauty, health and well-being.

icoone is the ideal solution for therapeutic applications, as it performs deep and effective stimulation of the connective tissue which favours metabolic exchange to improve cellular activity; giving an overall feeling of wellbeing accompanied by obvious aesthetic improvements.

icoone® Bulgari Launch Event

The Icons Of Beauty Event hosted by Icoone and Cosmopro at the Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge.

icoone® At Bamford!

Icoone at Bamford Wellness Spa, Daylesford. The Bamford Wellness Spa is the epitome of exclusivity, offering a bespoke wellness experience nestled in the tranquil surroundings of the Cotswolds’ Daylesford Organic Farm. The location itself, a converted barn, enhances the sense of seclusion and sophistication, attracting high-profile visitors like Boris Johnson, David Beckham, and Gwyneth Paltrow. This retreat provides not just treatments but a holistic lifestyle experience, emphasizing sustainable living and deep relaxation

What icoone clients say

“If you still hesitate if investing in icoone is worth it, I’ll advice you to buy it as soon as you can. It’s a life changing treatment. It’s not only aesthetics but also wellbeing of your clients. I haven’t had a client yet who didn’t feel a difference after her first treatment. It’s their lightness of legs, muscle pain relief and a good night sleep afterwards that make them over the moon. Operating a device is simple, you get your training in person and videos to support you afterwards so that you can remind yourself what and how to do your protocols. It’s very useful at the very beginning. Kelly has been fantastic and very helpful.”

Adrianna Ciechomska

“As a clinic owner, I am thrilled to share the incredible impact the ICOONE device has had on our business. Since incorporating ICOONE into our range of treatments, we have seen a remarkable increase in client retention. The device’s advanced technology offers non-invasive, highly effective treatments for cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and lymphatic drainage, which have quickly become some of our most sought-after services. Our clients rave about the visible results after just a few sessions, and many have expressed their appreciation for the pain-free and relaxing experience that ICOONE provides. This has not only boosted our reputation but also significantly increased our revenue. Additionally, the ease of use and efficiency of the ICOONE device have streamlined our operations, allowing us to treat more clients without compromising on quality.Overall, integrating ICOONE into our clinic has been a game-changer. It has set us apart from competitors and positioned us as a leading provider of cutting-edge aesthetic treatments. We couldn’t be happier with the decision to invest in this revolutionary technology and highly recommend it to any clinic looking to enhance their service offerings and client satisfaction.”
Mariana Eidelkind
Oblique House of Aesthetics with 3 locations in South Kensington

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