Level 4 Anatomy & Physiology for Aesthetic Practice

The Cosmopro Academy Level 4 Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology is a structured Ofqual-regulated qualification, created for therapists to elevate their skills in Advanced Skincare.

The Certificate provides learners with the knowledge and understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, focusing on the science to support the judgments and choices made routinely by practising aestheticians. The qualification will enable learners to work independently and intuitively, with science at the core of the decision- making process. The qualification will also provide opportunities for learners to develop the necessary competencies to move on to further study or employment.

Price: £999.00 + vat


  • The Biochemistry and Biology of Cells
  • Skin Morphology and the Inflammatory Response
  • Skin Disorders and Diseases relative to Aesthetic Practice

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the biochemistry and biology of cells.
  • Understand how cell specialisation and organisation lead to increasing complexity.
  • Understand the structure and function of the major organ systems
  • Understand the structure and function of the skin.
  • Understand the structure and function of skin appendages.
  • Understand the inflammatory response and skin remodelling.
  • Understand the common skin types, diseases, and disorders.
  • Understand the importance of cell biology and biochemistry in aesthetic practice.
  • Understand facial anatomy and the effect of aging on facial bones.

Entry Requirements

This qualification is designed for learners aged 18 and above. Entry to the Qualifi Level 4 Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology for Aesthetic Practice is through previous achievement of a Level 3 qualification in a relevant discipline.
In certain circumstances, individuals with considerable experience but no formal qualifications may be considered, being able to demonstrate their ability to cope with the demands of the programme.

Why gain your Level 4 Qualification?

We know there are a lot of training options in the UK skincare and aesthetics. Here’s why you need a Level 4 Qualification.

  • Future-proof your career against upcoming UK regulatory changes
  • Improve your employment opportunities
  • Differentiate yourself in the highly competitive field
  • Gain a formal recognised qualification
  • The skills that you acquire will set you up for a confident and successful career in advanced skincare and aesthetics
  • Access to ongoing support
  • Our unique E-Learning platform will help guide you through your SAQs and enhance your knowledge in all areas pertinent to advanced skincare.

Course Outline

Level 4 in Anatomy and Physiology

Duration: 3-12 months

Self paced eLearning

Extensive eLearning platform to deliver Theoretical learning relevant to the learning objectives of the course.

Practical Training

  • Clinical training in superficial depth chemical peels
  • Clinical training in microneedling
  • Additional Masterclasses* in Skinboosters, Phlebotomy and iPRF
  • In-clinic practical training with models

*forms part of the enhanced package

Academic and Practical Assessment

  • Clinical Assessment
  • Written SAQ’s
  • Assignments

Self-paced eLearning

Extensive library of online learning materials to build your theoretical knowledge and ensure you have a strong foundation in anatomy, science, and physiology. Self-paced leaning allows students to work steadily to suit your schedule.

The structure of the Level 4 Anatomy and Physiology eLearning is as follows:

  • Module 1: The Biochemistry and Biology of Cells
  • Module 2: Skin Morphology and the Inflammatory Response
  • Module 3: Skin Disorders and Diseases relating to Aesthetic Practice

Practical training

  • Foundation Training – These CPD-certified courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform foundation aesthetic procedures safely, effectively and with confidence.
  • Advanced training – These CPD-certified courses will allow you to build on your foundation knowledge and skills to become proficient in advances skincare.

Academic and practical assessment

  • This qualification is vocational as it can support a learner’s career progression. To meet QUALIFI’s aim to provide an appropriate assessment method each unit will be assessed through MCQs and SAQs. MCQs and SAQs are externally set and internally marked by centres, using Qualifi mark schemes, they are then subject to internal and external quality assurance.
  • MCQs – Multiple Choice Question papers
    For this qualification there will be a MCQ paper per unit. MCQs are designed to test the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the theory relevant to the mandatory units included in the qualification.
  • SAQs – Short Answer Question Papers
    For this qualification there will be a single SAQ paper covering all three units. SAQs are designed to test the learner’s understanding of the theory relevant to the mandatory units.
    In addition to assimilating the content within each unit, learners will be expected to link the concepts between the units and apply these to the developing field of aesthetic practice.

Why study with Cosmo Pro Academy?

  • Winners of the Best Education and Training at the prestigious Safety in Beauty Awards
  • You will train in a safe & controlled medical environment with all hands-on training taking place in Cosmopro Academy
  • Our premium state-of-the-art training venue boasts 1334sq ft, purposely designed for the aesthetic industry
  • We understand that often a busy career can be overwhelming at times, therefore you have up to 24 months to complete the qualification.
  • At Cosmopro Academy we have developed an unparalleled support system, from induction to graduation and beyond

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