Dermaplaning Training

Cosmo Pro’s Dermaplaning training is a comprehensive course teaching delegates in depth theory covering skin & hair anatomy, benefits of mechanical exfoliation and best practice on how to effectively perform the treatment, using a surgical blade.​

Includes FREE starter kit

The removal of vellus hair can allow make-up to sit more smoothly, give skin more of a light refraction and a glow as it is also essentially creating an exfoliation as well as hair removal”. Plus, “the hair itself can make women quite self-conscious, particularly if it spans most of the lower cheek.”

However, there are major downsides to dermaplaning if it’s not carried out properly. Scarring can occur by poorly trained practitioners when the hair is caught and dragged on the skin, leading to some permanent scarring.

Choose your training provider carefully!

Prerequisite: Beauty therapy level 2 and above.

Pre-Study: No pre-course material is required

You will learn how to offer this form of exfoliation and resurfacing treatment safely and effectively. We encourage you to have a free treatment on the day as a model.

Support: You will receive a comprehensive training manual, certificate of completion and access to our members hub.

Free Kit: Includes a free starter kit: Cleanser, Prep, Blades & Post Procedure Balm.

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