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An increasing number of patients do not want traditional fillers for facial rejuvenation. This has created the need for an “all natural” option for aesthetic practitioners training as many patients do not want to use synthetic products. There is a need for something different. Something 100% natural. Something with no additives whatsoever! Our Platelet Rich Fibrin training courses are the answer to achieving these natural results.

i-PRF Plasma Face Lift training is 100% autologous utilising the powerful regenerative properties of the patients own growth factors, aimed at targeting the key areas of the face where the effects of the ageing process are most prevalent, including: cheeks / buccal area, under the eye/tear troughs, nose to mouth, corners of the mouth, jowls and jawline. These areas of the face are vulnerable to the loss of volume and elasticity that is characteristic of the ageing process, causing the face to develop wrinkles and sagging skin.

Exclusive to CosmoPro, the iPRF Plasma Face Lift contains a high concentration of platelets and fibrinogen to stimulate the extracellular matrix and provide structural and biochemical support to the skin.

  • All natural with no additives
  • Zero risk of occlusion or vascular compromise
  • Can be injected into multiple layers of the face
  • Safe for patients who are at risk of anaphylactic shock from hyalase (allergy to bee/wasp stings)
  • Suitable for patients with allergy to Hyaluronic acid
  • Safer in those with autoimmune disorders
  • Very low cost treatment
  • Zero risk of reaction
  • Rejuvenates naturally as opposed to the ‘done’ look

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Prerequisite: Previously completed the Cosmo Pro i-PRF Smart Cell training course and have a thorough understanding of the treatment. Dermal filler or cannula experience not required

Training: This practical only, hands-on training course is a masterclass in skin rejuvenation training for practitioners who have previously completed our foundation Face & Hair training. The i-PRF Plasma Lift takes a whole-face approach to achieve a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

Treatment: Using a micro cannula to gently and safely inject the patients own plasma which is rich in growth factors for skin rejuvenation and aiding in repairing damaged skin, improve it’s elasticity and resilience, improve tone, regenerate the skin, stimulate collagen and elastin, restore volume, reduce wrinkles and improve skin quality

Areas: Full face rejuvenation using micro cannula and Subcision to rejuvenate: tear troughs, cheeks, jawline, nasolabial lines, marionettes, peri-oral, accordion lines

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Learn the i-PRF Plasma Face Lift – advanced masterclass using micro cannula

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