Phlebotomy Training

Phlebotomy training is facilitated by experienced and qualified phlebotomist with first hand clinical experience, this course allows students to demonstrate theoretical and practical phlebotomy competencies within a classroom environment.

This half day training course is intended to cover all aspects of safe principles of phlebotomy. Students will have the opportunity to practice phlebotomy skills on a life-like model arm, utilising both a butterfly device and a needle and holder.

Why Train in Phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is a simple procedure however if undertaken incorrectly can result in complications including; haematoma, pain and bruising. It is vital the practitioner practices with confidence, thus reducing anxiety and fully understands and gives valid consent.

Practitioners are required to use current evidence-based practice to take blood without causing any discomfort. If the sample is collected incorrectly, it may not be possible to perform a treatment utilizing the patient’s own blood.

Who Can Attend?

There are no qualification requirements to undertake phlebotomy training. This course is aimed at aesthetic practitioners wanting to learn the skills to perform phlebotomy for treatments such as PRP/ i-PRF. It teaches you all you need to be able to perform venepuncture and will set you on the right track to be safe and competent.

Learning Outcome

  • What is Phlebotomy
  • Consent
  • Infection Control
  • Needle Stick Injury
  • Complications
  • Anatomy of a Vein
  • Selecting a Site
  • Factors Influencing Vein Selection
  • Needle Gauge
  • Vacutainers
  • Practical
  • Assessment

Prerequisite: None. There are no prerequisites to train in phlebotomy.

Practical: You will learn how to safely take blood using a life-like model arm.

Advanced: Once you are trained in Phlebotomy, you can attend our Peripheral Cannulation course. Get in touch if you would like to complete both Phlebotomy and Cannulation on the same day.

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