Plasma Filler Training

Ground-breaking regenerative procedure

Smart Cell Plasma Filler is a revolutionary treatment, developed by CosmoPro. We are specialists in autologous therapy and leaders in UK aesthetics training courses. Our exclusive protocol, has been developed to offer optimal results and efficacy.

The Plasma filler treatment training course covers the ground breaking exclusive protocol and will equip you with the knowledge and techniques required to successfully incorporate Plasma filler treatment to your aesthetic treatments.

The skin treatment training course extends an remarkable opportunity for practitioners to enhance their skills and capitalise on the growing interest in organic substitutes for synthetic fillers.

Plasma filler also referred to as Bio filler, presents an innovative approach to skin treatments, capable of revitalising your facial, neck, or hand appearance. Harnessing a gel extracted from your own blood, this ground breaking procedure eliminates the concern of adverse reactions. Particularly beneficial for vegans or individuals prone to allergies, it replenishes lost volume and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a refreshed, more youthful visage.

Advantages of Plasma Filler

  • Regenerates the extracellular matrix
  • Safe alternative to synthetic fillers
  • Autologous thus no risk of reaction
  • Bio-compatible
  • Superior tissue integration
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Ideal for nervous patients
  • Excellent tolerance
  • Suitable for patients with allergies to synthetic filler ingredients
  • Improves the skin quality
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Ability to alter the rheology of the Plasma Filler
  • Simple protocol

The Smart Cell Plasma Filler training protocol is the most effective and advanced autologous cell therapy treatment for the replacement of lost facial volume, naturally.

This bi-phasic modulated approach provides multiple regenerative benefits by stimulating the skin’s ‘building blocks’ to improve and strengthen the structural matter, potentially enhancing the regeneration of the extracellular matrix which consists of collagen, elastin, elastic fibres, reticular fibres and glycoproteins, resulting in improvement of overall skin quality.

Plasma Filler Training Course Agenda:

  • What is Smart Cell Plasma Filler
  • Platelet Poor Plasma
  • Autologous cell therapy
  • Biological supplement
  • Plasma properties
  • Fibrin benefits
  • How to prepare the Plasma Filler
  • Indications
  • Treatment protocols
  • Plasma Filler aftercare
  • Equipment

The Science

As we age, our skin’s collagen and elastin tend to decrease, leading to volume loss in face key areas such as cheekbones, the under-eye area and cheeks. It can also make certain areas look heavier, such as the jowls and neck, which can lead to sagging skin and may sometimes alter the structure and shape of our whole face. Structural changes in the deeper levels of the skin also contribute to a tired and worn-out appearance. Saggy cheeks are considered the most ageing feature in a person’s face and for this reason we need to look at how the face moves and where the face has lost volume.

Although synthetic fillers are widely used to add volume, they do not have the same regenerative properties as Plasma Filler and i-PRF combined.

The Smart Cell protocol targets skin quality, uneven skin tone, sun damage, laxity and volume loss combined.

Plasma Filler Course Price: Smart Cell Plasma Filler Training Course £595.00 for practitioners who are not trained in iPRF. Discounted price of £495.00 for iPRF practitioners (exc vat)

Prerequisite: A minimum of 6 months Dermal Filler experience and competent in phlebotomy. It is advisable to train in iPRF prior to Plasma Filler to offer the synergistic protocol for optimal results. Click HERE for iPRF training.​

Support: You will receive a comprehensive training manual, filler training, certificate of completion and access to our members hub.

Offers: Discount will be available on the Smart Cell Plasma Filler incubator and equipment in addition to other bundle offers.

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