SKIN-TOX™ Training

Learn how to treat the face and scalp with our exclusive SKIN-TOX™ Microinfusion device:
Learning Objectives:

  • Microneedling & Microinfusion
  • Mode of Action
  • Needle Depth
  • Growth Factors
  • BTXA Facial
  • Products
  • Protocols


Skin Tox

Hair Tox


The SKIN-TOX™ Microinfusion maximises penetration of clinically approved ingredients and cell nutrients and maximises the release of growth factors associated with the positive aspects of wound healing simultaneously.

Benefits of microinfusion:

  • Micro-injury of the skin reboots cellular function
  • Normalises the keratinocytes and sebaceous glands
  • Trigger the wound healing cascade to stimulate keratinocytes and fibroblasts
  • Upregulation of woven collagen, elastin and GAGs
  • Stimulates growth factors and cytokines
  • Activates platelets
  • Promotes cross-talk between keratinocytes and melanocytes leads to better distribution of pigment
    Increases delivery of ingredients

Caroline McElroy, Newry

My skin feels amazing. It’s glowing and I absolutely love the results. Definitely re-booking.

Jane, Nottingham

My skin feels amazing today, I have my glow back and my skin just looks so much healthier even though it’s only been a few days.

Rita, Rochdale

My skin is glowing, the treatment was painless and I saw results immediately. I’m addicted to this treatment, especially as my skin looked dry and dull.

Prerequisite: Must be trained in microneedling / collagen induction therapy – UK Mainland only

Step 1: Click the link below to purchase the online course – you will be required to login or register to access the shop

Step 2: Purchase the course

Step 3: Email proof of your microneedling certification to:

Step 4: You will be registered and emailed the link. You will have 90 days access to complete the course.

NB: Training academies/trainers or associates will not be accepted. No refunds.

SKIN-TOX: You will learn how to offer the SKIN-TOX microinfusion facial and learn about the different ingredients that can be used.

NB: You will NOT be certified/trained in toxin.

Support: You will receive your certificate in the post with your free devices after the training course. You will also receive access to our members hub.

Offers: Training includes 10 x SKIN-TOX™ Microinfusion devices.

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